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Showroom Floor


Flat Trims

Deco Trims





Cornices, Reveals & Eaves

Corbels & Brackets





All our columns include caps and bases.

You may mix and match the capitals (tops) and bases (bottoms) from the dropdown menu to create your desired column configuration.

  • Click "View Selection" to make your Capital and Base choices.
  • Select Column Diameter from dropdown menu.
  • Select Column Height (total, including capital and base) from dropdown menu.
  • Select Column Style from :
    Tapered Round, Straight Square, or Straight Fluted (see diagram to the right.)
  • Click "Calculate Price" to determine total column price or Re-Calculate if you make changes.
  • Enter Quantity and "Add to Cart".

All columns come in two halves and each will fit lengthwise around either 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" or 4" x 6" posts.

Column Style Choices


Column Capital (Top):

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Column Style:

(See style diagram above)
Column Base (Bottom):

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Select a coating preference:   [Coatings?]
Single Coat
Double Coat
Smooth Cement Coat
Column Diameter:
Column Height:

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